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Care & Maintenance

It is very important that users or contractors to follow the floor maintenance and cleaning instruction in order to ensure long lasting of the laminate floor.

  • It is very easy to clean the laminate flooring. Do not wet mop, steam cleaning, waxing or polish your floor.

  • Use dust mop, broom, vacuum or damp well - wrung mop.

  • Soak up small puddles immediately.

  • Most soils or stains can be removed by wiping with a cloth moistened slightly with plain water. Then wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth.

  • When use laminate flooring cleaner, pay attention to the relevant instructions. Never use ammonia based and abrasive cleaners.

  • Place walk-off mats at main entrance and felt pads under furniture legs.


Flooring Preparation & Site Conditioning Requirement

It is very important that users or contractors to follow the floor preparation and site condition requirements to ensure an excellent installation thus finishes.


1) Installation Method

  • The method of installation is “floating system” and shall be accordance to manufacturer’s recommendation. Changes in designs, patterns motifs, borders or similar will be charged separately.


2) Surface or sub-floor requirements

  • Floor surface must be clean from any debris, dry and even. The level shall be within a tolerance of +/- 3mm within an area of one square meter and preferred to be smooth screed. Rectification work will be charged separately as variation order.

  • All wall edges when plastering shall be of right angles to avoid skirting gaps. Filling up of gaps will be considered as variation  

  • order and subject to additional charges.

  • Staircase treads, riser and landing to form at right angles, same width, height and parallel alignment.

  • All newly cement screed floor must have at least 60 days curing time prior to the installation of our flooring system.

  • Ground floor or basement area must be water proofed prior to the installation of our flooring system.


3) Other requirements

  • Sanitary fittings, window & electrical fitting, painting & wet works and other trades that might result in the damages of flooring shall be commenced and completed prior to the installation of our flooring system.

  • Door clearance shall be of minimum 20mm from screed floor.

  • Contractor or buyer to confirm that all necessary water feature fittings are properly installed and there must not have any water leakage.

  • Contractor or buyer to provide electricity and water supply, hoisting facility and other facilities deemed fit for the progress of work.

  • Storage area to be provided at site to prevent damages or mishandling.



Note : Due to the principle of floating installation method, it is prohibited to affix any fixtures or fitting onto the sub-floor that would deter the required expansion


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