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The very first water-resistant laminate flooring collection from Robina.

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Say NO to water

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EN 13329 suggested that Robina Aqua with Xtra HDF coreboard displayed a high level water resistant compared to Robina Standard Flooring. 

  • Suitable to install at high moist area such as kitchens, laundries and entrances.

  • This collection will be protecting your floor up to 72 hours after a spill.

  • < 8% thickness swelling 

  • ic & 15 years for moderate commercial use. 

Robina Aqua is a notch above the rest of laminate flooring competing products. It is the first water-resistant laminate flooring collection from Robina. 

Let's check why Robina Aqua stands a cut above the rest.

  • Xtra Core – Robina Aqua features a super low swelling HDF wood core. Thanks for our parent company, Robin Resource for secret formula. 

  • Say NO to Water - More resistant to water swelling than ordinary laminate flooring, withstands normal household up to 72 hours. 

  • Risk Free - No risk of warping when environmental conditions change.  

  • Easy installation – R-Lock designed for DIY installation, more easier and faster to install the flooring. No glues or nails are required.

  • Easy clean & maintenance - Heavier stain such as paint, glue, oil & etc, can be cleaned easily & quickly.

  • Warranty - 20 years for heavy domestic & 15 years for moderate commercial use. 

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