Quality Raw Materials makes quality products

At Robina, Quality Consistency is our main priority. Hence, we utilizes only the quality assured raw materials as commitment to excellent products.

1. HDF core board

2. Overlay

3. Decorative Paper

4. Backer

HDF core board

We are proud with our HDF core board, made from tropical hardwood species such as Meranti, Jelutong, Acacia and etc, which are rated as one of the best in global market in term of high dimensional stability and moisture resistance properties.  

Robina HDF core board's swelling was tested in accordance to European Norm EN 13329 standard and is rated well < 8%

Being environmentally responsible, Robina HDF is made only from wood waste materials such as off-cuts, peeler core, wood slabs where in the past, these waste materials had to be disposed off. Our group has also ventured into its own forest plantation to ensure sustainable supply of raw materials for our products.  

Decorative Paper

We work only with the top & reputable paper printer from Europe. 

Use only high technology special ink printing to deliver high inspection & lasting visual effect, with innovative designs, natural and realistic pattern. Authentic wood decor provides choices of exotic wood finishing in a friendly environmental approach. 


We used only the latest liquid overlay technology, with high clarity provides high contrast surface. With Al2O3 particles, one of the moist resistance and hard-wearing metal, protect laminate flooring against daily wear and tear.  


Special melamine resinated, enhanced formulation towards everlasting flooring stability and moisture resistance.