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Modern Interior Design


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These all time favourite decors were carefully selected by our in-house design team to exude timeless aesthetic to any discerning   


A rich array of styles designed to inspire your global spirit; all of which can withstand heavy traffic as well. Exotic range with fascinating decors and easy to mix-and-match designs to create unique personal styles.  

TWS 211 Bristol Oak Allover 12mm Sleek.jpg



Place a higher value on a warm, comfortable atmosphere than anything, giving the room a soft and cosy feeling. An inspiring choice of wooden flooring, offers fascinating, authentic natural wood look by true to nature finishing. Remain timeless, because of grace, elegant & durable.  

Installation Method

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Installing Laminated Floor
Portrait with a Book

With more than 20 years of experiences in flooring, we know how to take care and maintance the flooring.

Step by step instruction on how to install laminate flooring in your home. 

Get to know Robina with our interactive E- Brochures. 

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