New Decors

There are really something for everyone. Our new decors will offer you a fascinating, authentic natural wood look with the signature features & character of the particular wood grains.


No doubt that Oak is still the trend, but we offer your other alternative - Apple, Birch, Merbau, Teak & Walnut. Give a twist on the classic but still make it classy and it's absolutely gorgeous.

A11 Avenue Apple

AS21 Tropea Ash

O122 Lussac Oak

O127 Relief Oak

O127 Relief Oak

AS22 Smoked Ash

BI21 Viva Birch

O123 Austin Oak

O128 Penedes Oak

O128 Penedes Oak

ME12 Classic Merbau

ME12 Classic Merbau

O124 Tropez Oak

O129 Varus Oak

O120 Millenium Oak

O120 Millennium Oak

O125 Caloria Oak

O27 Moreiche Oak

O121 Vespucci Oak

O126 Monastery Oak

O126 Monastery Oak

O28 Harmonized Oak

T19 Nova Teak

W14 Babylon Walnut

W15 Yukon Walnut

W16 Krakau Walnut