Living in Harmony With Nature

Inlay free GO GREEN Packaging Concept! In order to Reduce the paper usage, again Robina innovates and among the FIRST to launch the ‘Inlay’ free GO GREEN packaging concept, with the installation instructions printed directly onto the Recyclable plastic wrapping.

Robina’s Unique Features

Our unique features function • Vacuum Edge Protection System
• Termite Resistance
• Easy Installation System
• Quality Raw Materials
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Silky Gloss

First of its kind in laminated flooring texture! This innovative surface texture is to induce the best blend of matt and gloss finishes, exuding the best rustic and exotic features of the decor.

Introduction of revolutionary decors!

Robina Go Vintage! Experience the relics of the nature transforming your floors into unparalleled beauty. Robina’s exotic new decors collection conserves the past and crafts unique floors that become a part of generations to come.

Introduction Of Revolutionary Decors

01/07/2013 Vintage is Robina’s catalogue theme for the year 2013... Read more

New Facelift For Robina Website!

15/03/2012 We are pleased to announce that the Robina Flooring website has been successfully upgraded and redesigned with a major facelift. Read more